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Renegade Millionaire Marketing

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  Also Available in Digital Format

The ONLY extended, in-depth, ADVANCED and “Nothing-Held-Back” conversation between Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy about the Philosophies and Strategic Secrets unique to Renegade Millionaire Marketing.

Explore the most unusual , unorthodox, creative, advanced and exceptionally profitable marketing strategies used by Renegade Millionaire entrepreneurs. In a top-notch recording studio, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer give an unscripted, unrestrictive, concentrated, and clearer picture of what a Renegade Millionaire does differently in marketing that is pretty much ignored or misunderstood by the majority of business people. Discover why this method is fundamentally, creatively and determinedly more effective in creating wealth and expanding opportunities. 

  • Breakthrough to Profitable Creativity and Innovation
  • Expand Your Opportunities as a Marketer
  • Liberate Yourself from Tedium to Accomplish MUCH BIGGER Total Profits


The Essential Building Blocks of Renegade Millionaire Marketing

Discover the profoundly different results-driven blueprint used in Renegade Millionaire Marketing that “flips the equation”, tapping into the source of advertising that actually works while avoiding mistakes that cost you money. Plus, why businesses die off and what to do to prevent that from happening to your business & more.

The MOST Interesting and Exciting Real-Life Renegade Millionaire Marketing Examples

Classic and Contemporary examples from Dan, Bill and Other Renegade Millionaires’ real-life marketing, most not found in any other resource.

Answers to the Most Frequently Encountered Questions About Renegade Marketing

Get the answers to vital issues such as how to evaluate, choose between and rank opportunities, how to involve customers, find un-obvious opportunities, how to prioritize your marketing and much more.

Advanced Renegade Millionaire Marketing Opportunities

Learn how to leverage your assets and what Renegade Millionaires do differently than ordinary businesses with their “herd”, “2nd herd”, media and marketing system, plus five ways to change a market of a business.

Two Renegade Marketing Manuals

Find “gems” relevant and valuable to your own particular business in the Archival Examples Manual that includes a unique collection of treasures and swipe files from Dan’s work, his clients, Bill’s work, and other Renegade Millionaire Marketers. Plus receive a transcript of the day-long conversation, edited and enhanced with Dan’s notes to provide an accessible resource for inspiration.

A Recording of Dan and Bill’s Real Conversation

Receive the most powerful new and radically different marketing breakthrough strategies with your professionally recorded eight CD set featuring Dan and Bill’s conversation refereed by Lee Milteer.

8 Studio Quality CDs…

The audio quality of these recordings is crystal-clear. Bill, Dan and Lee went to a top-flight recording studio nestled away in Bath, Ohio, near Dan’s Ohio home. Their focus and concentration was pure – they were safely away from every distraction or interruption. However, this is a real conversation, not the reading of scripted notes, so you will hear one of them interrupting the other, talking over each other, “having at it”, which is WHY so many revelations were produced.

Plus 2 hefty Manuals…

Manual #1 includes Archival examples, reaching into the past, and contemporary, from Dan’s work, his clients, Bill’s work, and other RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE Marketers, most NOT found in any other resource. Dan has painstakingly assembled a UNIQUE COLLECTION of examples, “swipe file” treasures, references, even correspondence that you will be fascinated by….and, more importantly, you will find “gems” in of particular relevance to your business and value to you.

Manual #2 is a transcript of the ENTIRE day-long conversation, edited and enhanced with Dan’s notes, to provide an easy to use, very accessible resource you’ll likely return to again and again, for inspiration, for your every marketing project.


    Dan Kennedy is the WORLD’S GREATEST money-making genius! I have been ‘A Dan Fan’ for over a decade, and am a bit biased … After all, Dan has personally helped me and my wife, Eileen, make tens of millions of dollars. Dan has taught us more things about making money than most entrepreneurs discover in 10-lifetimes! Yes, I have always believed that Dan Kennedy was one of the greatest … BUT NOW MY BELIEF IS A POWERFUL CONVICTION!
    (Posted on 5/17/12)

  2. Renegade Millionaire System “Review by Stephen Roulac

    Take two people of equal smarts, motivation and work ethic. Give one a Harvard MBA, the other Dan’s Renegade Millionaire System, his newsletter and access to his other materials. In no small number of circumstances, the Kennedy-ite could end up far ahead in personal control over destiny, lifestyle, and financial rewards. To provide context for this perspective, I have a Harvard MBA. I taught at Stanford Business School for ten years, I have been a Forbes columnist, and have been paid over 100-MILLION dollars for my strategies and analyses by major corporations, governments and entrepreneurs. As a final comment, I was chatting with my friends about your Renegade Millionaire System, and we all agreed, you priced it way too low. (Posted on 5/17/12)

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