Renegade Millionaire Retreat (CD and Manual)


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Renegade Millionaire Retreat (CD and Manual)

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  Also Available in Digital Format

Far Different from ANY other GKIC Event in history, this LAST EVER 3-Day Renegade Millionaire Retreat showcases a once-in-a-life opportunity to see Dan S. Kennedy like you’ve NEVER seen him—mostly unscripted, more straightforward, giving complete open access and extremely frank answers about the Renegade Millionaire System.

Experience the place where 100-Million Dollar businesses were created from scratch…where businesses were totally reinvented… in “hot seats”, on stage, right before everyone’s eyes. Blow the lid off your earning potential by learning more BIG Ideas, BIG Leverage, BIG Opportunities and BIG Breakthroughs than you ever dreamed possible when you listen in on Dan and his superstar clients and coaching members along with Bill Glazer and Lee Milteer on stage in discussions, at the “Ask Questions Table” so you get “inside” some of the most amazing successes and people going from zero to millions in a single bound. 

  • Blow the ROOF Off Your Business Income Within 12 Months
  • Re-Invent Your Business To Supercharge Your Results
  • Make HUGE Financial Leaps and Speed-Up Achievement


Dan’s Personal (And Fool Proof) Renegade Millionaire Checklist

Achieve Renegade Millionaire Status by mastering Dan’s seven “Must Have and Must Do’s”. You’ll discover how to accelerate accomplishment, double, triple and even quadruple your productivity, rock-solid strategies for change management, business re-invention, how to uncover hidden opportunities and leverage experience, how to give yourself a big, fat pay raise, earn each million MUCH faster and much more.

The Five Evolutionary Steps from “Dumb Ape” to “Renegade Millionaire”

Attract more money and never be compelled to do anything you don’t want to do again. Dan takes you through the five simple stages to wealth and shows you how to accelerate the process.

Behind Closed Doors Live Access To Dan’s Consulting Work

Experience first-hand how Dan looks at a business, sees beyond the BS veil, looks deep behind the scenes, rearranges it & points it in the direction of certain success. In a “MASTERMIND Meeting Atmosphere”, Dan does hard-core business hot seats, on the spot reinventions & makeovers and gives very specific recommendations to participants.

More Than Fifty Answers to “Hard-to-Swallows” and “What Puzzles Me” Items

Get Dan’s answers and confronts the true self-sabotage, real “holding me back’s, actual doubts and self-imposed restrictions of people that attended the event. You’ll get the secrets to creating hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars by applying these answers to your own questions and concerns.

Renegade Retreat Package

Experience every last word, idea, “AH-HA” moment, and “real-life” example with recordings of the entire 3-day Retreat on 12 DVD’s, 15 audio CD’s, accompanied by ALL course materials, handouts, overheads and notes distributed at the event.

Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire Retreat is for anyone who wants to BLOW THE LID OFF your earning potential by taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore, in great depth, the most important precepts and strategies introduced in the original Renegade Millionaire System.

Let me tell you ALL that you will receive with this “Special Second Chance” Renegade Millionaire “RETREAT” Package:

The entire 3- intense days of the “RETREAT” on 15 CD’s… that’s over 20 hours of BIG IDEAS sure to “flip your millionaire” switch and send you out into the big, bad, business world guns-a-slingin’… like a true renegade.

The entire “RETREAT” on 12 DVDs… this is the “experience”. Don’t just listen… see and immerse yourself in this renegade mindset and experience. We don’t offer our events on DVD very often so this is a very rare opportunity to experience an event, as if you were actually there! Don’t miss out!

Course Materials from the event… absorb the key points, renegade examples and mind-blowing strategies that were revealed…without missing a single word or having to push “stop” in order to write a big idea down. Highlight, circle and underline to your heart’s content and most importantly, you will be left with a solid plan of attack that will most certainly send you into the land of the Renegade Millionaire.

A bound set of handouts, overheads and notes that were distributed at the “RETREAT”. As you listen to the audios and watch the DVD you will be able to see Dan’s personal notes and actual examples he used that helped achieve results like this…

  1. I knew I had found it! “Review by Alexis Martin Neely, Redondo Beach, CA

    Dear Bill and Dan,

    I’m writing to thank you both for giving me the opportunity to network with a group of people who have helped propel my dreams forward at lights peed. Since attending the Renegade Millionaire “RETREAT” in August 2007 my information business as finally established and exploded.

    I spent nearly two years trying to figure out the secret to having a business that generates big revenue with little overhead and lends itself to the establishment of systems and processes that would give me the freedom to work from anywhere and under any circumstances. After attending the Renegade Millionaire “RETREAT” I knew I had found it!

    Since the Renegade Millionaire “RETREAT”, I’ve launched two information products raking in over $17,000 marketing to a list of only 750 on one month and I’m running the same campaign tomorrow to a list of 3000. There’s already 200 people registered.

    And, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the back-end. All product purchasers are on a 2-month free trial membership that will drop them into a $197/month membership program. I’ll let you know how many stick in March/April/May.

    Not to mention, I added an 8-week implementation group coaching program for the box they bought on the order success page for tomorrow’s purchasers for an additional $995 if they buy today, $2495 if they don’t. I’ll let you know how that sells too.

    Also, I have 6 private coaching clients paying me $15,500 plus 5% of gross profits to coach him through the launch of his info-product!
    The best part about all of this? The grateful emails and letters I’ve gotten from my system subscribers.

    There is nothing better to me than getting letters like this one telling me attorneys are using my information and it’s improving their lives. I can’t wait to see what else happens.
    (Posted on 5/17/12)

  2. One of your biggest fans “Review by Sheila Spangler

    Dear Dan and Bill,
    It is amazing what has happened to me since I met you, when I luckily was chosen to have the “hot seat” with you at the Renegade Millionaire “RETREAT”. First of all, I now know how fortunate and serendipitous that “hot seat” was. When I signed up for it, I didn’t have a clue who you were or what you had done for people. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, it will go down as one of the best things I have ever done in my life. So let me tell you what’s happened since my “hot seat” with you…

    Since Renegade Millionaire, I have completely changed my way of thinking and positioning my business. Since returning home, I finished all the classes I needed to become a Real Estate Broker, took the test, passed it and started keeping all my commissions! Now I have total control over what I’ll do and for what price.

    And the best part about all of this was that I have done what you tell your clients will happen if they follow your advice… that is… you will make more money in the next 12 months that you have made in the last 12 years. Well, I am here to tell you that I am well on my way to doing that. One thing is for sure, I have made more money since Renegade Millionaire than I made all year last year.

    Thanks to you for giving me the knowledge of how to position myself as the expert. Not only is positioning important but “knowing that I know” has given me the confidence to tell people (with a straight face) that not only will they get what they want (top dollar on the sale of their business and walk away with all cash in their pocket) but paying me 10% of the transaction price is small compared to all of the headaches, frustrations, unknowns, and concerns that I will eliminate for them during the process.

    I knew that I had to take action on getting the information and reading it and applying it to my life, but I want you to know that I feel very fortunate to have met you. Thanks for the “RETREAT” and all you do. (Posted on 5/17/12)

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