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Dan Kennedy Archives V.1

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Here’s your chance to own the mother lode of “Dan Kennedy stuff” you’ll ever encounter—his lifetime of work that spans 40+ years that includes his winning ads and speeches you can “swipe” for your promotions. You’ll get multiple ideas for copy angles, offers, headlines, bullets, and stories from this massive archive—one that’ll surely pay you over and over again during your wealth building journey. So invest today and get an “unfair advantage” over your competitors the next time you sit down and create a promotion.


What I’ve done is perform a thorough excavation of literal rooms of files, notes, samples, photos, artifacts and more, accumulated throughout 40+ years in marketing.

I then compiled everything into a 1,556-page tome you’ll be able to examine and swipe ideas from for your promotions and business.

Best part: I put my own notes within each item, written by me in 2013, to either teach an important concept or give context to that particular piece.

This commentary will create multiple “a-ha” moments for you as you leaf through this extensive collection. This is like having 40 years of my marketing “know how” all in one package for you to peruse, get ideas from, and take action on for your promotions.

Listen: these “teaching examples” have stood and WILL stand the test of time. I also included odd and curious items, personal items, and items of historical significance. As with a museum, different things will interest different visitors at different times.

I picked these to be good representatives of changes in style and technique across the decades, from 1970 to Present. Included are pieces that were extremely successful, pieces of historical curiosity, and personal favorites.

This collection includes my first B2B full-page trade journal ad I wrote back in 1973…all the way to recent promotions I wrote this year. It also includes my first ads I wrote for Magnetic Marketing…my most successful product to date. I even included the script for the actual speech I used to sell Magnetic Marketing from the stage.

I also included selected pieces from the seminar marketing campaigns I did for one client—Rory Fatt and Restaurant Marketing Systems—from 2005 to 2006 through 2010.

You’ll get a bigger snapshot later on of all 1,554 pages of this archive that’ll generate TONS of:

  • Ideas for copy angles and how to position your product or service in your copywriting and marketing. You never want to start with a blank slate when writing copy or to devise a marketing campaign for a product.   This Archive will save you a TON of time and money trying to “figure things out” for yourself.
  • Ideas for offers you’ll be able to “swipe and deploy” for your promotions. The offer is THE most important element of a promotion… Without a good offer, the copy falls flat. You’ll see 40+ years of offers that have converted well for my clients and me. And you’ll be able to spark tons of ideas for your offers for products, services, and seminars.
  • Design ideas for your promotions you’ll be able to implement for your ads. Most of these are print ads and magalogs that will spark ideas for your own promotions, so you don’t have to wonder what works and what doesn’t.
  • Headlines, closes, bullets, stories, etc. you can swipe for your promotions. This could be a literal marketing godsend for you since you’ll be able to flip through all 1,556 pages of examples and “swipe” ideas for your own.

Oh, by the way: do not ignore campaigns that aren’t a part of your market.

If you’re not a seminar marketer, don’t ignore Rory’s campaigns or any other campaign you’ll come across in this Archive. There is much here to be adaptable and transferable for your business.

No one engaged in marketing can fail to unearth gems in this extensive collection. Yes, some of these items were not in pristine condition, in my files and drawers, cardboard cartons, and storage.  So their reproductions are not perfect and some you might need a magnifying glass to examine. But trust me, your diligence will be rewarded.

Here’s what else you’ll discover in this 1,556-page archive that could be a huge bastion for your business:

  • A collection of content from presentations, products, speeches and seminars.  Most of these have historical interest and or may have value if modified and used today.  This includes entire sales presentations you can learn from, swipe ideas and implement for your presentations.
  • Product covers, and even entire products, including a complete copy of my “63 Killer Marketing Strategies” manual.  The ideas you can glean from this collection could make this Archive more than worth investing!
  • Books and book promotions I used to breathe life into my books- since publishers are not promoters.  A large assortment of the activity I used to promote my books is here so you can  “swipe and deploy” for your promotions.
  • Newsletters and other publications that have been the foundation of virtually my entire career.  I don’t think there is any single thing as vital to a person or business’ success than its own print media.  And you’ll get an unfair “head start” over your competitors thanks to this collection.
  • Photos with me with various celebrities including Joe Theismann, Ronald Reagan, Paul Harvey and on location at many events. I used these photos to build up a “celebrity aura” around my business and myself. You’ll also discover cartoons I’ve used for my marketing as well.
  • Personal items related to my personal life and interests, and correspondence I’ve had throughout my 40+ years in information marketing that will be a huge interest to you.

And that’s just for starters. Remember, this is 40+ years worth of my best ads…so there’s a lot for you to peruse and “swipe” ideas from. This could be an invaluable resource for you…that is, if you don’t let it sit on your shelf and collect dust.

Think about it…just one good customer, client or patient you could attract, thanks to one big idea in this Archive, could allow you to make your money back over and over again. And that’s just for starters. Remember, this is 40+ years worth of my best ads…so there’s a lot for you to peruse and “swipe” ideas from. This could be an invaluable resource for you…that is, if you don’t let it sit on your shelf and collect dust.

I encourage you to take action and fill out this order form if you want the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to OWN this archive. 

And a sincere thank you to those who were involved in this and the hundreds and thousands of customers of my writing. And that includes tens of thousands of newsletter subscribers and GKIC members, hundreds of clients, and others, who find value in my work and are persuaded, motivated, provoked and entertained by it. 

Dan Kennedy’s “Lifetime Of Work” Archives Collection, Volume 1 is for beginner, intermediate and advanced small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to eliminate months and years of trial, error, and testing trying to figure out what works when it comes to writing a promotion.
In Dan Kennedy’s “Lifetime Of Work” Archives Collection, Volume 1 2 Binders chock-full of 356 Examples over 1,556 pages total pages Of Ads, Notes, Samples, Photos And Artifacts Includes 3 DVDs & 3 Data CDs 3 Books and a Newsletter tearsheet

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