How to Create Personality in Copy


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How to Create Personality in Copy

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Dan S. Kennedy reveals his secrets in this in-depth presentation about how to create rapid, responsive fans who become customers-for-life through strategically incorporating personality into your copy.

Discover how to use the written word to cultivate an interesting character that makes you “famous” with your target audience, creates business longevity, and customers-for-life. Dan teaches you how to deliberately and strategically create, develop and use “personality” to build your business with this in-depth behind the scenes look that can quickly send you into hyper-wealth-attraction-mode. Dan shows you his crystallized approach pieced together and put into full use 10-12 years ago that caused his prominence, income, independence and wealth to rise. Now he shows you how you too can carefully develop yourself into a heroic, fascinating and unique character with whom your customers have a continually evolving relationship so you can boost your profits and reputation.

  • Develop Material Easier and More Quickly
  • Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Income This Year In ANY Business
  • Convert Customers to Customers-For-Life


Four Steps to Writing Brilliantly (Even if you think you can’t competently write a grocery list)

Create overwhelming response from your target audience using Dan’s personality strategies that show you how to put words on paper and bring your character to life. Includes tips on how to get good at writing along with resources for creating and developing your character.

Longevity Secrets For Developing and Keeping Customers-For-Life

Guarantee your customers will eagerly open and read whatever email you send them, every time, week after week, and year after year. These strategies go beyond creating success for a few years and give you the forward-thinking strategies required to sustain success for decades.

The Seven Elements to a Successful Personality/Character-Driven Business

Create a character that keeps your customers involved, active and responsive. Dan dissects the character-driven personality and shows you the elements you need along with real examples of each.

Audio Recording of Dan’s Entire How to Create Personality in Copy Presentation

Discover how you can give your customers (readers) what they secretly want from you so you’ll have them eating out of your hand for the long-haul with 2 audio CD’s which capture Dan’s entire presentation.

Verbatim Transcription Manual and Presentation Materials Set

Get all of Dan’s notes, overheads and a complete transcription to use an easy access reference guide.

Those using these methods to varying extents, in “ordinary” businesses include a millionaire house painter, chiropractor, restaurant owner, mortgage broker, and many others. I really don’t care what you now do for a living; you can use this to get rich. And if you are or intend to be in the information marketing business, you cannot afford to be without this higher-level (and very lucrative) understanding.
  • 2 Professionally Recorded & Edited CDs
  • Transcript with every word so you can follow the CDs
  • A Manual with the Complete Set of Dan’s Presentation Materials
  1. I use this every day. “Review by DrDamnit

    The information and training contained in here is something that I use every day. Writing sales copy, sure. But also, writing web copy, Facebook posts, emails... EVERYTHING. It's probably one of the best things I've ever bought from GKIC. I reference it often. (Posted on 11/27/15)

  2. Better Customer Retention and Higher Prices… “Review by Mike Crow, Millionaire Inspector Community

    In life you remember a few people that touch your life. You remember them because there is something unique about them. Being plain is like being a commodity and lowers your value. Developing a personality that people can love/hate/respect sets you light years ahead of your peer group and competitors. Willie Nelson learned this. Lee Iacocca understood this. When I discovered Dan Kennedy he created a memorable experience that not only could I not forget but even though that was 12 years ago my wife still remembered and she is not normally impressed with informational speakers. When Dan did his presentation on How to Create Personality in Copy I realized many of the key steps in building deeper and stronger relationships with my client’s. Membership drop is 20% less and my prices are higher and folks are thrilled just to be part of what we are accomplishing. (Posted on 5/17/12)

  3. A Life-Changing, Business Altering Moment… “Review by Dave Dickson, Numbercruncherz Consulting Group

    Dan Kennedy’s presentation on How to Create Personality in Copy was a life-changing, business altering moment. After listening to Dan I immediately implemented his suggestions. The results were phenomenal. I saw an instantaneous 50% increase in the response to my newsletter. My relationship with my clients went from cool and distant to warm and familiar. This translated directly into being more willing to do what I told them to do whether it’s taking steps to improve their business or buy more of my products. Plus, developing material is easy because I’m just talking about things that have happened to me.
    (Posted on 5/17/12)

  4. Secrets Revealed Are ESSENTIAL… “Review by Rob Berkley, GroupMV

    Simply put, if your business relies on customers – and what business doesn’t — the secrets Dan reveals in this presentation on How to Create Personality in Copy are essential. They will make your job of retaining and building life-long customer relationships easier, more profitable and surprisingly much more fun. If you try to add character to your communications without knowing the essential details, you risk sending your valuable hard won customers running straight toward your competitors. Since beginning to use what we learned, our readership (and positive comments) has jumped, and so has the waiting list for our programs.
    (Posted on 5/17/12)

  5. Completely Changed the Way I Communicate with my Members… “Review by Jack Phelps, The Relaxing Retirement Group, Inc.

    How to Create Personality in Copy ranks either #1 or #2 as far as influence on me and my business. We’ve all been taught hundreds of proven strategies to go out and get ourselves a “herd.” But, the bottom line is that once you do, you can only keep customers coming back with your ‘content’ for so long. What keeps them around giving you money for decades is a never-ending interest in you as a ‘character’ that they feel compelled to continuously know what’s going on (like a lead character in a series fiction novel). I’ve now completely changed the way I communicate with my members, and the response has been overwhelming. (Posted on 5/17/12)

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