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Making Them Believe

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This is your invitation to travel back in time and learn from the actual marketing literature and sales copy of one of the most outrageous marketers and promoters in American history. Discover for yourself how Dr. John Brinkley dominated an entire field of business and captured the nation’s attention -- while making people buy. • Captivate Prospects, Customers and Patients • Invigorate Your Marketing With High Drama and Magnetic Attraction Power • Lift Your Response Rate To Far, Far Above Ordinary


In the first half of the 20th century, Dr. J.R. Brinkley successfully sold goat glands as a cure for erectile dysfunction. While he had his detractors, even his harshest critics would be forced to admit Dr. Brinkley was a brilliant marketer. His persuasion techniques brought in over 12 million dollars (over 100 million dollars in today’s money.) Introducing something outrageously different ...

21 Secrets and Lost Principles of J.R. Brinkley-Style Marketing

Incorporate as many of Dr. Brinkley’s 21 secrets and principles and you’ll be more successful as a marketer. It’s as simple as that.

An Examination of all 21 Principles and How You Can Apply Them to Your Business

Unearth untapped opportunities in your business by examining all 21 of Dr. Brinkley Principles with the aid of 84 self-diagnostic questions.

Even More Timeless Marketing Tips and Strategies

Turn your business into an irresistible fascinating force using Dan Kennedy’s three step to create an emotional commitment in your buyer in advance of the to gently discredit the competition...and much more.

The books “A Tribute to Dr. Brinkley,” “The Doctor Book” & “After 21 Years a Success Story”

Dan Kennedy, who has always been fascinating by intriguing and unusual marketing history, hunted down these three rare Dr. Brinkley artifacts for your historical enjoyment. In addition, you’ll find plenty of applicable marketing techniques in 14 classic ‘Medicine Show’ ads and three legendary “cures.”

An Eclectic Collection of Dr. Brinkley Radio Broadcasts

Listen to actual (digitally re-mastered) Brinkley radio broadcasts just as the public heard them in the earliest days of radio. Dr. Brinkley used them as lead generation devices.

A Cornucopia of Timeless Marketing Techniques and Historical Curiosities

Sit back and enjoy five CDs of Dr. Brinkley-related marketing material, tips and techniques. Curl up in your favorite chair and absorb The Doctor Book, After 21 Years a Success Story, A Tribute to Dr. Brinkley and the Transcription and Presentation Material manuals.

  • 1 Manual
  • 1 booklet – Success Story
  • 1 booklet – Doctor’s book
  • 1 Pamphlet
  • 5 CDs

First, you’ll hear ACTUAL (digitally re-mastered) Brinkley radio broadcasts (his lead generation purposed “fireside chats” – just as the public heard them during the earliest days of radio

You’ll see and pick up and handle precise replicas of actual Brinkley marketing literature (“books”) exactly as he published and distributed them to prospective patients

You’ll go inside his entire “marketing machine”, step by step by step. This amazing Archives Collection includes complete and completely authentic copies of THE DR BOOK and two other key pieces of Brinkley sales literature.

The book A TRIBUTE TO DR BRINKLEY, and the booklet AFTER 21 YEARS, A DREAM COME TRUE – reprinted so you can remove them from the manual and examine them just as a prospective patient would have…

There are also recordings of actual Dr. Brinkley radio broadcasts. NOT re-creations. The ACTUAL, complete broadcasts.

You’ll also get written transcripts for easy note taking.

Plus 3 iconic photographs.

This is a treasure chest of Brinkley persuasion brought to life for you, placed into your hands for close examination! All this reveals how the “Doctor” brought in over 12-Million Dollars – in today’s money about $100 MILLION – in short order, against the Great Depression!

Along with the Archives Collection, you’ll get a comprehensive reference and “How To” Manual to facilitate your profitable use of the 21 Brinkley Principles.

And as a BONUS, 14 classic “medicine show” ads from Dan’s personal swipe files and 3 legendary ad campaigns for “cures” examined.

  1. After reading “Review by STEPHEN SNYDER

    After reading your BELIEVE book and going though the Home Study Course, I am so enamored with the marketing GENIUS of Brinkley, I’m planning a trip to Kansas, to re-trace some steps and dig deeper. Should you decide to conduct a workshop around these principles, I’d be very interested (Posted on 5/17/12)

  2. Devoured the MAKING THEM BELIEVE book “Review by SHAYAR BOYAYAN

    My daughter and I devoured the MAKING THEM BELIEVE book – then, when we got the Home Study Course, we were like kids in an amusement park! The material is beautiful in its presentation. The Course practical: we created a sales letter for a new offer based on one of the examples. You’ve provided a unique opportunity (Posted on 5/17/12)

  3. I was amazed “Review by ROBERT SKROB

    I was amazed at how relevant and timely Dr. Brinkley’s marketing is today. It’s a battle to convince prospects to ‘hear’ your solutions. Brinkley is a terrific case study in language, pre-empting and answering objections. The Home Study Course perfectly lays out the 21 Principles to be followed. In fact, it provided me the framework I needed to create an entirely new business. Worth 1,000 times my investment. (Posted on 5/17/12)

  4. How to take over the world. “Review by Ken McCarthy, Founder, Pioneer and present-day leader in internet marketing.

    This is profoundly dangerous and I hope it does not fall into the wrong hands. It is nothing more or less than a manual for: how to take over the world. But if all you want to do is take over a marketplace, it will work for that to. (Posted on 5/17/12)

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