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Outrageous Advertising Workshop & Swipe File

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  Also Available in Digital Format

Stand out from the clutter and get PROFITABLE results from your advertising using Bill’s tested and proven methods. Based on his #1 Best Selling book, OUTRAGEOUS Advertising, you’ll learn the simple, yet effective advertising strategies behind Bill’s success along with a slew of new ideas on how to put OUTRAGEOUS Successful Advertising to work for you and your business immediately.• Extract More Money From Your Business• Stand Out From The Crowd and Capture YourCustomers Attention and Money• Quickly & Simply Create Advertising Guaranteed to GetHUGE ResultsCapture Pot


Reveals marketing genius Bill Glazer’s simple formula which says OUTRAGEOUS Advertising = A Big Pile of Money. With this proven formula you’ll get access to a “Magic Toolbox” which is a cross between a sorcerer’s secrets & a skilled mechanic’s best tools.

The Basics of Direct Response Marketing

Master the building blocks that MUST be included in ALL your OUTRAGEOUS advertising in order to increase your success exponentially.

The 10 Key OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Principles

Train yourself to think OUTRAGEOUSLY & learn how to discover, translate, implement, & apply OUTRAGEOUS Advertising ideas. This includes the MOST POWERFUL Method for using Outrageous Advertising that never fails.

The Chief Components That Make OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Successful

Deliver offers that make people so weak they can’t resist, craft an effective story & headline, and learn what puts readers to sleep. This includes, 6 response boosters & 24 “lumpy” objects that get your mail open and read.

Advanced OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Strategies

Implement ideas FAST, triple results of your OUTRAGEOUS Advertising, confirm an idea will work & more.

HUGE “Show-n-Tell” of Never Shown Before OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Examples

Apply already proven to work OUTRAGEOUS Advertising ideas to your own business using this 168 page manual with new real life examples never before shown and a fill-in-the blank workbook to jot down ideas.

OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Workshop & Swipe File Transcription Manual, Audio CD & DVD Set

Follow along while you listen to or watch the entire live event. This includes a special presentation by Dan Kennedy along with Bill’s presentation on 4 audio CD’s, 4 DVD’s accompanied by a Transcription Manual.


Get OUTRAGEOUS response Boosts with Mike Capuzzi’s Copywriting Cosmetics which typically give students response boosts of 50%-200% or more and Doc Nielson shares his “Soap Opera Marketing” that shows his method that works REGARDLESS of the business you’re in or the size town you live in.

The OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Workshop and Swipe File was created for the 99% of all small business owners and entrepreneurs who are NOT satisfied with the results of their current marketing efforts and anyone who wants to make OUTRAGEOUS sums of money by increasing the effectiveness of their advertising. Think of this Workshop as learning how to put OUTRAGEOUS Advertising on S-T-E-R-O-I-D-S (steroids)! Bill and Dan will go through all of the ‘Big Lessons’ covered in “OUTRAGEOUS Advertising that’s Outrageously Successful”, do a “show-n-tell” of new examples of OUTRAGEOUS Advertising as well as very ADVANCED examples they have never shared before.

The OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Workshop and Swipe File is the perfect resource for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • E-Commerce and Online Marketers
  • Small Business Owners of any kind
  • People operating in a Business-to-Business environment
  • Sales Professionals
  • Professional Practices (like doctors, dentists, chiropractors, lawyers, & accountants)
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Consultants
  • Information Marketers
  • People Planning to Start a New Business
  • And anyone else who wants to make OUTRAGEOUS Sums of Money from their Advertising

  • 1 Transcripts Manual
  • 1 Exhibits Manual
  • 1 Set 4 CDs
  • 1 Set 4 DVDs
  • 2 BONUS CDs

Here’s what will be delivered to your front door with the OUTRAGEOUS Advertising Workshop & Swipe File

  • CDs and DVDs of the live event so you can listen or watch as many times as you’d like and whenever you need more OUTRAGEOUS Advertising ideas.
  • You’ll also receive the same fill-in-the-blanks Workbook that attendees received so you can take notes and jot down moneymaking ideas as you listen.
  • And finally a transcript of the entire event so you can follow along as you watch or listen and jot down notes as moneymaking ideas pop into your head.

These resources are NOT just CDs, DVDs, and examples to be watched, listened to, looked at, and then placed on a shelf and forgotten. If that’s what you do, you miss the point and cheat yourself. This is really like a “magic toolbox” – a cross between a sorcerer’s secrets and a skilled mechanic’s best tools, to be used and referred to on a regular basis.

Apply the ideas and strategies to repair your present advertising and fix the erratic and disappointing return on your present advertising investments; to build new and different ways of reaching out to new and present customers that AMAZE you with their results.

PLUS You’ll Receive these two great bonus CD’s:

  • OUTRAGEOUS BONUS #1 is a special presentation by Mike Capuzzi, the inventor of CopyDoodles™, called “OUTRAGEOUS Copywriting Cosmetics for OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable Response” Did you know that how your marketing looks has a direct impact on whether or not your reader even glances at (let alone reads) your materials? And the truth about what type of advertising is most effective is probably the exact opposite of what you think.

Mike has helped entrepreneurs, Internet marketers, copywriters and business owners get OUTRAGEOUS response boosts without changing a single word of their copy. His techniques and strategies have been used around the world by thousands of offline and online marketers alike and his students typically see response boosts of 50%, 100%, 200% and more!

Mike is also the inventor of the wildly successful software product, CopyDoodles™. CopyDoodles are hand-drawn graphic files that enable anybody to literally drag and drop attention-grabbing enhancements to their offline and online marketing materials.

During Mike’s presentation, you’ll…

    • - Learn the single most important thing you must understand in order to make your marketing profitable and OUTRAGEOUSLY successful
    • -Discover 33 time-tested copywriting cosmetic techniques that literally magnetize your reader to your copy
    • - Understand the “Law of Mimi” and know when too many cosmetic techniques can actually diminish your response
    • - Learn how to avoid the response-killing blunders that 97% of marketers make
    • - See amazing, real-life before and after examples of online and offline marketing that have been dramatically improved by using Mike’s strategies
    • - Learn how to ignite the attention-grabbing power of your marketing with hand-drawn margin notes and doodles
    • - See how to use comic-style cartoons to get people to stop and open your mail or opt-in to your web pages
    • - BOTTOM LINE… this will be a fun and eye-opening presentation that will put more money in your bank account!
  • OUTRAGEOUS BONUS #2 is a special presentation by The Always OUTRAGEOUS and Sometimes Dangerous Doc. GREGG NIELSON where this…

“Reclusive ‘Backwoods Doctor’ Shares His Most OUTRAGEOUS Marketing Secrets Regardless Of “THE” Business You’re In”

 Bill has often said “The ONLY person that I know who understands the concept of OUTRAGEOUS Advertising as well as me is… Doc Nielson.Bill borrowed more of his OUTRAGEOUS Advertising ideas from Doc than anyone else and did it primarily when he was in the Menswear Retail business (a totally unrelated business to his.)

Doc Nielson is a Chiropractor who practices in a small Wisconsin town with a population of a measly 2,000 people. For the past twenty five years, he has been making an OUTRAGEOUSLY incredible living by marketing health services to his community using an OUTRAGEOUS concept that he’s going to share with you that he calls “Soap Opera Marketing”.

If you have any doubt that OUTRAGEOUS Advertising can work for you, you won’t after you watch Gregg’s OUTRAGEOUS ‘Show-n-Tell’ of his best stuff.

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