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Renegade Millionaire System

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Dan S. Kennedy’s program for making Money differently and what you need NOT trade in order to get all the money you want.

Get a clearer, more definitive blueprint for achieving whatever business, money, success, fame, impact and/or influence goals you may have while defying all normal, common, ordinary, boundaries and restrictions-on speed, ease and independence. Based on Dan’s hands-on, personal and continuing relationships with extraordinary achievers, his own three decades of entrepreneurial experience and a retrospective look at his previously written, recorded, published and unpublished works, you’ll get an inside look at Renegade Millionaires in a way no one else can share. 

  • Make MONEY Quicker, Easier & In Bigger Chunks 
  • Attract Money Instead of Pursuing It
  • Achieve Real Wealth, Security and Independence


Renegade Millionaire Entrepreneurial Strategies

Discover the radically different blueprint used by Renegade Millionaires to start and build businesses from scratch with little or no relevant education or apprenticeship. Covers strategic alliances, marketplace advantage & more.

Renegade Millionaire Advertising, Promotion, and Sales Strategies

Find out the secrets of “Million Dollar Presentations”, how to profit from expert positioning & self-promotion.

Renegade Millionaire Marketing Strategies

Get Dan’s MOST Powerful Wealth Creation Strategy & learn how Renegade Millionaires use Direct-Response, Membership Concept Marketing, & achieve success in the new “permission required” marketing environment.

Renegade Millionaire Money Strategies

Access the entrepreneur’s #1 Money Priority Secret and find out what Renegade Millionaires know about being Broke and being Rich that you don’t know and what they know and do differently regarding price.

Renegade Millionaire Self-Management and Personal Achievement Strategies

Accelerate your accomplishments when you learn the Renegade Millionaires secrets to managing time and failure, and how they make practical use of a personal belief system.

Autonomy: Strategies for Living Life On Your Terms

Learn how Renegade Millionaires establish and enforce boundaries and the Ultimate Life choice they make.

All Four Component Parts of the Renegade Millionaire System

Get an extensive collection of personal interviews conducted by Lee Milteer extended over 12 CD’s, a GIANT 396 Archives Book of relevant resources and references, a DVD of Dan’s Magnetic Marketing presentation, and a transcription manual with 17 MEGA strategies, 28 Core Competencies, and a 6-month Action plan.

Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire system is all about MONEY and AUTONOMY. It is about making money differently. Quicker, easier, in bigger chunks than you’re used to. Even about attracting it, rather than pursuing it. About accumulating it more certainly, faster, to achieve real wealth, security and independence. It is about achieving the AUTONOMY that empowers you to do What you want, When you want, Where you want, With whom you want, At the price you want, At the terms you want, or cheerfully, guiltlessly, confidently, securely, painlessly saying “No” and “Next.”

What do the COMPONENT PARTS of the System include?

(1) The personal interviews conducted with me by Lee Milteer extend over 12 CDs, so you can listen anywhere.

(2) The 146-page Desk Reference Manual tracks the audio presentations, and includes:
17 MEGA-Strategies
28 Core Competencies
24 Exercises – a 6 Month Action Course

(3) The giant 396-page Archives Book is a collection of relevant resources and reference materials, including:

(4) A new DVD of my ‘Magnetic Marketing’ presentation.

  1. Renegade Millionaire System “Review by Stephen Roulac

    During the breaks at the May program, I was chatting with one of my friends about your Renegade Millionaire System. We both agreed that you priced it way too low. You have probably left well over a million dollars on the table, that should be in your pockets, had you priced this at the level it should be priced. Hopefully, you will make it up in volume, as those who get access to it tell someone else, who tells someone else, and so on. I have spent a good deal more than $50,000.00 with you – has it been worth it? Yes. (Posted on 5/17/12)

  2. President, CAT-Co Manufacturing “Review by Gene Kelly

    The application of your ideas has already made me hundreds of thousands of dollars over just the last 2 years. $173,000.00 of that in the last 2 months. I just finished listening to the Renegade Millionaire System yesterday. Wow! Is there ever a lot of solid, no b.s. truth in there! I’m going through it all again making my action plan. I am already a millionaire, but I still haven’t achieved the freedom and control I desire. I now want to become a Renegade Millionaire. (Posted on 5/17/12)

  3. Using a technique you discussed in your Renegade Millionaire System “Review by Jerry Jones

    Using a technique you discussed in your Renegade Millionaire System, in the last 10 days, I’ve added over $100,000.00 in business…. I have to tell you, the distillation process you and Lee Milteer went through to extract SCIENCE and PROCESS of being or becoming a Renegade Millionaire is just plain amazing. As you know, following your advice over the years has been damn profitable for me. With the Renegade Millionaire System, you’ve put all your best advice in one convenient, easy to get to location, and I’ll be using it a lot. Oh, and one last thing. I thought it was interesting (at the May event) that the first folks to lay down cash money for your System were people who needed it least, like Ron Ipach, Rory Fatt, all self-made millionaires in their own right. They practice the ‘principle of the slight edge’. Which is why, as you know, they are where they are,financially and personally. (Posted on 5/17/12)

  4. If it weren’t for you “Review by T.J. Rohleder

    If it weren’t for you, Eileen and I would NOT be millionaires right now. We probably own every single thing you’ve ever written, recorded or produced, but this Renegade Millionaire System is your greatest program, possibly the greatest wealthmaking, truth-telling program period. Any entrepreneur who does NOT get this is a complete idiot. Any entrepreneur who fails to make a fortune thanks to it is an even bigger idiot. (Posted on 5/17/12)

  5. Atlanta, GA “Review by Rob Northrup

    Even though I have attended a bunch of expensive seminars and boot camps over the past 10 years, your Mega-Conference was the most profitable one. Within the first 2 hours (your Renegade Millionaire presentation) I heard and understood the ONE new idea that had been eluding me for years. I could have left satisfied at that point, but I stayed and got eleven more detailed action items that should deliver to me more than $250,000.00 …. (Posted on 5/17/12)

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