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Sales & Persuasion Package

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Investment in yourself.” “Review by Michael C. Gray

Looking back over the years (since 1996) that I have known you and worked with your materials, there has been a dramatic improvement in my family’s financial situation, which revolves around by CPA firm. Here is a list of some of the benefits we have enjoyed:

- In a nutshell, a CPA firm that was struggling for survival is now profitable and prosperous. It’s nice to be selective about the people that we serve. I have had the financial freedom to fire several “problem” clients. I have the confidence of knowing I can “open up our faucet” at will.
- My wife and I were able to buy two new cars for cash.
- We have upgraded our home, including replacing our roof remodeling our kitchen (including granite countertops and Pergo-type floors), living room (including new furnishings), front room, child’s room, and two bathrooms without refinancing our house. This work is now all paid for.
- I have been making regular deposits to my retirement accounts (formerly a simplified employee pension plan, now a 401(k) plan.)
- My wife and I have enjoyed vacations to Europe, Hawaii, Cancun, Ireland, a Mexican cruise, the Canadian and U.S. northeast, Washington, D.C. and have now scheduled a vacation to Scotland, all debt-free.

For anyone who reads this letter and has a business or is a salesperson, you will find you have made an excellent, profitable decision when you make a habit of studying and implementing Dan Kennedy’s materials. He has my strongest endorsement. When you buy Dan’s materials and become an Inner Circle member, it is not an expense, but an investment in yourself.

(Posted on 5/18/12)

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